The most important responsibility of government is to serve and protect its people with fairness, integrity, and the tireless pursuit of equal justice. That noble pursuit of equal justice for all can’t happen without the critical support and efforts of our law enforcement partners. 

Our finest public servants come from all walks of life, from every background, every culture, every creed and from every neighborhood across our City.

They are as different as Officer Brian Lorenzo, an Officer so talented that he captained the motorcycle drill team, or Officer Robert Wilson, who performed one of the bravest acts I’ve ever seen on video as he broke up an armed robbery. 

Two very different officers, from very different diverse backgrounds, both committed to the same noble goal: to serve and protect our citizens. Both gave their lives for this city.  Two very different officers, both members of Lodge 5.  I was proud to stand with their families during that difficult time.

Today, I am deeply moved and proud to stand with all of our law enforcement partners.  Proud that they have all come together in support of my candidacy. I am proud to accept the support and endorsement of:

▪ Lodge 5, Fraternal Order of Police
▪ Guardian Civic League (Black Law Enforcement Officers)
▪ Spanish American Law Enforcement Association (SALEA)
▪ National Black Police Officers Association

Thank you for your endorsements.  I am honored.

Our brave officers risk their lives every day.  The best of them don’t just fight and respond to crime, they build relationships with community in a way that prevents crime. They are de-escalators, community partners – heroes.

I have been fighting against violence and bringing people together to make a difference my entire life.  I did that effectively as City Managing Director. I am proud that I have brought all these groups together in support of me today.

Today is emblematic of what I hope to accomplish for our city.

I want to be the District Attorney for the entire city! I want to be the District Attorney for ALL of Philadelphia. I want to bring people together: our community leaders, our citizens, our pastors and churches, all our law enforcement partners. Together!  Working together for a fairer and safer Philadelphia.

First, to help heal a district attorney’s office that is in crisis and needs to be healed. Then, all of us must work together to help heal a city.

A District Attorney’s core mission must be to maintain the integrity of the Criminal Justice System.  When the office lacks credibility, it can’t achieve that mission.

I will achieve that through a community based model that not only fights crime, but that proactively works to prevent crime and listen to stakeholders.

We should be the national model for criminal justice reform – a community champion driving reforms across the entire system.

Yes, we must be tough on guns. In many of our neighborhoods, it is easier for a child to find a gun then it is to find a book, a good after school program, or to get online. That is unacceptable.

As some know, I am no stranger to gun violence.

At the age of 13, I lost my dad to a drive by shooting with a machine gun shot right in front of me. He died in my arms as I held him. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me unique. Far too often our kids face the same violence. 

Just last week at a high school I asked the class to raise their hand if they’ve been touched by gun violence in their immediate family. They ALL raised their hands–ALL of them. I know what that feels like. We must keep our kids safer.

However, we must also work harder to give our kids opportunities. We will be smarter with non-violent offenders and work to fight the epidemic of mass incarceration. Giving our kids the chances they need to succeed. We need to strike that careful balance.

In closing, to do these great things for our city – we all need to work together.
We need proven leadership, strong management experience, integrity and someone with the credibility to work across all our communities.

My name is Rich Negrin. I’m running for District Attorney.

Thank you. God bless.