March 6, 2017

Mark Nevins


Philadelphia, PA – Today former city managing director and Democratic candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney Rich Negrin issued the following statement in response to the executive order on immigration issued by President Trump that, among other things, suspends the entire refugee program for 120 days and establishes a cap of 50,000 refugees per year.

“My father came here from Cuba. To get here he had to risk his life and the lives of his family members, but he was willing to do that to escape the threat or persecution from an oppressive government.

“To him, America was, to borrow a phrase, ‘a shining city on a hill.’ It was a place full of promise and opportunity. It was a place where he could be free. And, frankly, his story is not all that different than the stories I hear from immigrants all over our city. They’re here to experience everything that a free country has to offer: hope, justice, liberty, and prosperity.

“The executive order issued by President Trump today disrespects America’s highest ideals.  It will tear families apart and create a culture of fear where we should be building relationships based on trust and respect.

“What’s more, this order will have a negative impact on our city.  Immigrants provide the support and the backbone that help keep our city running smoothly.  From entrepreneurs to union workers to lawyers and doctors, immigrants are critical to the fabric of our city.

“Instead of bringing us together as Americans, the president’s executive order will divide us across communities. Make no mistake, those deeper divisions and lack of trust across our neighborhoods will not make us safer. It will negatively impact public safety across our country and across our City.

“I oppose this executive order because I believe it will create more problems than it solves and will, ultimately, be harmful to the city of Philadelphia.

“We need the kind of leadership that can work across all our glorious differences and bring people together to solve our biggest problems. That’s one of the reasons I’m running for district attorney. I will be a DA for all Philadelphians and work tirelessly to bring all of us together for a safer and fairer Philadelphia.”

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